Developing The Voice Over Mindset


Your mindset is the most important part of your VO Career. I’ll say that again. Your mindset is the most “important” part of your VO Career.

Why? Because the voice of negativity will creep into your mind and heart everyday. But here’s the good news. You don’t have to listen.

I’m here to tell you that you can do this. You can grow and sustain a successful career in Voice Over.

The Good Lord would never have planted this idea in your head if you didn’t have the talent or the ability to develop the talent you need to succeed. The biggest mental hurdle you must clear today is this. The thinking that there are so many other VO people out there who are better than you. FALSE!

During your first year in Voice Over, every other VO Artist you meet or read about or hear about will have more “Experience” than you. But talent? No! Nobody has more talent and potential than you. Your mindset needs to be this. “I’m the best Voice Over Artist on the planet”.

Plant this mindset deep into the recesses of your heart and consciousness. And promise yourself that you’ll never, ever quit on your dream. Never! Ever!